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AMS QQ-A-250/9 / AlMg5Mn1 / 5456 / H116 / H321

Chemical Properties % Value
Silicon (Si)0,00 - 0,25
Chromium (Cr)0,05 - 0,20
Manganese (Mn)0,50 - 1,00
Magnesium (Mg)4,70 - 5,50
Copper (Cu)0,00 - 0,10
Titanium (Ti)0,00 - 0,20
Iron (Fe)0,00 - 0,40
Zinc (Zn)0,00 - 0,25
Aluminium (Al)Balance
Physical Properties Value
Density2,66 g/cm³
Melting Point568 °C
Thermal Expansion23.9 x 10^-6 /K
Modulus of Elasticity69 GPa
Thermal Conductivity120 W/m.K
Electrical Resistivity%29 IACS
Mechanical Properties Value
Proof Strength250 MPa
Yield Strength330 MPa
Elongation A50 mm%16
Modulus of Elasticity69 GPa
This alloy is primarily used in areas where high strength and better welding parameters are required in a marine vessel or other engineering applications. Alloy 5456 is stocked in tempers H116, H321; to spec ASTM B928. Tempers O, H112, H32; to spec ASTM B209.


Aluminium alloy AMS QQ-A-250/9, 5456 has s imilarities to the following standard designations and specifications ;

Alloy 5456, UNS A95456, ASTM B209

ISO AlMg5Mn1AMS QQ-A-250/9

5456 is supplied in a wide range of tempers:
  • O - Soft
  • H112 - Slightly strain-hardened from working at an elevated temperature from a limited amount of cold work (mechanical property limits specified).
  • H116 - Applies to aluminium-magnesium alloys with a magnesium content of 4% or more and for which mechanical property limits and exfoliation corrosion resistance are specified.
  • H32 - Work hardened by rolling then stabilised by low-temperature heat treatment to quarter hard
  • H321 - Strain hardened to an amount less than required for a controlled H32 temper.


5456 is supplied in plate, strip and sheet
  • Plate
  • Sheet
  • Strip